Aaron Wyanski

composer, pianist, educator


I maintain a private studio in music composition, theory/analysis, and piano. Lessons are offered online as well as in person (geographically permitting). My goal is to help you make the work that only you can make: Every person is unique, and embracing this fact with enthusiasm is foundational to my approach to education. By starting from a place of affirming your individual artistic identity, I hope to create a space where you feel comfortable to take risks in your work, which is vital to creative growth.


One of the greatest delights in my own study of music is making far-flung connections, whether within a single piece of music, between disparate music, or between music and the world around us. It gives me even more satisfaction to facilitate these connections for others. Connections, even of abstract ideas, help create empathy. Empathy makes it easier to be vulnerable, and sharing our vulnerability is one of art’s most profound functions.


I work with composers with all levels of experience, writing in any style. In addition to recurring lessons, I also offer individual consultations on specific work/s. To schedule a session or to inquire further about working with me, use the form below: 

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